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Passionalised Learning

Turning Learning is a young, ambitious and innovative organization, which passionately helps improving schools in innovation as well as stimulatiing the learning of students and teachers. Within the Netherlands Turning Learning works at the level of primary education, secondary education, vocational education and schools of applied science and globally together with partners like prof. John West Burnham, prof. Michale Fullan and prof. Andy Hargreaves. Besides this Turning Learning is the lead partner of the Global Partnership New Pedagogies for Deep Learning as the Dutch Cluster. Turning Learning happily shares innovative initiatives which can increase the passion within your school!/p>

Professional Capital

Teaching at the professional level, day-to-day, can only be maintained when your colleagues are also teaching on the professional level. Whether you are alone in your class or working in a team, teaching at the professional level means you can always count on the trust, skills and constructive critiques of your colleagues.

Are you interested in the Professional Capital within your school?See what it includes and generates! Turning Learning and the Research Team van Michael Fullan Enterprise, Toronto, Canada are partners in implementing the Professional Capital survey.

Professional Capital Survey


Do you wish for more passion in education at your school? Students who are motivated? Teachers talking about the content of their profession and continuously looking for ways to improve their professionalism? Please join this challenging journey!
Are you interested and do you wish for more information? Please send a request for contact. We happily share our passion with you!

Deep Learning Succes Survey

The Deep Learning Succes Scan was accomplished to monitor the process of change taking place during the development of Deep Learning within schools and to identify the ambition of schools and individual teachers according to described success indicators. The Succes Scan helps schools to determine where they are now and gives the opportunity to determine the ambition. The Succes Scan is used for substantiation, accountability and managing the process of the development of Deep Learning. By means of the described cumulative indicators the development of Deep Learning within the school is valued by the board and the teachers. We hope that the definition and appreciation of the Deep Learning Succes Scan will lead to analyses, reflection, dialogues and feedback in many teams. And that everybody feels invited to think about creating a synergy between ‘the learning of students’ and ‘the learning of teachers’. We wish you all a lot of developmental fun and collegial, professional growth!

Turning Learning is leading


Is your ambition to realize the best education by means of innovation? Do you appreciate to collaborate in national and international partnerships? Would you like to design your innovation together with other boards and schools?Then we invite you to join Turning Learning.

Ambitious boards, schools and institutes collaborate in a unique transformation project to realize a real change within their schools. Primary schools, secondary schools as well as vocational schools and schools of applied sciences are participating. Are you interested, or do you want more information? We would love to tell you more! Please contact our office; +31 (0)6 5774 8516 or +31 (0)6 4876 3338.


The need to promote the wellbeing of children is widely accepted as being central to their success in life as young people and adults. Extensive research has shown that failure to protect and promote the well-being of children is associated with increased risk across a wide range of later life outcomes. These range from impaired cognitive development, lower achievement in schools, higher rates of unemployment, antisocial behavior, likelihood of drug or alcohol abuse, and higher incidence of mental health illness. Recent research of UNICEF shows that Dutch children are the happiest children in the world. This extensive review identified the Netherlands as having the highest score for children’s wellbeing when measured against a range of criteria. The review highlighted: The Netherlands retains its position as the clear leader and is the only country ranked among the top give countries in all dimensions of child well-being. The Netherlands is also the clear leader when well-being is evaluated by children themselves-with 95% of its children rating their own lives above the midpoint of the Life Satisfaction Scale

Are you curious about what Deep Learning looks like in practice? Take a look at the link between vision and practice on the rest of this website and experience the passion for learning on the primary schools: the Harpoen and the HM van Randwijk!


With the help of research and the most innovative means, Turning Learning collaborates with global partners in continuously indicating succesful practices that shape Deep Learning. Participants explore new ways of working, new research results and new ways of organizing, they stimulate formal and informal learning, that - within a by technology supported community - will lead to the best learning outcomes for everyone. The intention is to scale up and sustain succesful experiences, by turning them into new, widely applicable models of learning. These will form a solid, scientific basis for an effective and holistic transition of education.

Bringing organizations together

Turning Learning brings organizations together, from different sectors and continents, to bring in ideas, knowledge and funding resources for high tech, international knowledge creation and provide successful Mondi Great Learning

Transforming the educational system

Turning Learning transforms learning systems: by focussing on connecting talent and knowledge, creating personalized learning and enabling new learning opportunities. We focus on pairing Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence in order to compare 'innovation' with 'social innovation'.

Creating changes for digital natives

Turning Learning creates opportunities by providing an international platform for the world's talents, starting with the youngest digital citizens, to adapt and develop our common language for the future.


Turning Learning focusses on the global development of new, transferable and sustainable solutions which give meaning to ‘Personalized Deep Learning’ for students as well as teachers. Solutions in which learning is central, not teaching. Where students get space and responsibility with respect to the organization, planning, and outcomes of their own learning proces. Where the development of students and their learning is mapped automatically for students and teachers by means of IT and where the learning of students and teachers is more meaningful and attractive because of IT and therefore more effective. Schools where students and teachers are motivated from an intrinsic flow to explore and solve complex issues in collaboration and creation!

Turning Learning aims for:


Teachers develop themselves as ‘Leaders of Deep Change’, they master the skills where leading change and innovation are part of their profession. They know how to enhance the trust of the team in their own development and encourage colleagues to explore new practices in an open culture of change, question their own system and practice, learn from mistakes, to build a new ‘experience based’ practical experience. This demands a powerful and widespread leadership. ‘Distributive leadership’ theoretically collective capacity takes the place of individual and solitary driving force. Leadership is not seen as personal status, but as a joint responsibility and a joint collective force, where leadership in the classroom is as much a rolmodel for leadership in the school as vice versa. Emphasis is on educational leadership; modeling, monitoring and guaranteeing effective education and optimizing learning outcomes. Not the personal development of the teachers is the starting point, but the development of the entire school-organization.

That is where the biggest challenge is at the same time, It implicates the use of energy and resources to improve education and learning and also the emphasis on outcomes; consistently focused on realizing the outlined vision. An expedition with uncertainties, doubts, fear of the unknown and ‘trying what works’. But most certainly also with courage, decisiveness, reflection and impressive steps forward!


Schools as Learning Studio’s reason from a basic attitude of ‘Distributive Leadership'. They are convinced that, especially in organizations focussed on the learning of students, it is essential to model leadership that reasons from the responsibility of the learning efficiency for everyone. Schoolteams realize successful transitions by deliberately leveraging the knowledge of change management and the power of 'Capacity Building'. Learning Studio’s are schools that knowingly have created pedagogical partnerships between teachers themselves, between students themselves and between teachers and students to collaboratively enhance the learning outcomes. Schools as Learning Studio’s use ‘Digital Tools & Resources’ to make the learning of their students and the contents of their own jobs more attractive and effective. Teams seek for partners outside of the school that support achieving goals and using ICT to automatically guide and register the customized progress of the learning of the students, made available 24/7.


Teachers as designers own the basic skills as being expected from a good teacher. Their practice is based on evidence based theories, they dare to explore new educational concepts and experiment on microlevel. They examine and analyse the effect before implementing it on meso- and macrolevel. The schools have an adequate assess- and evaluation-system that seeks to identify the learning of students and teachers, the condition of the learning environment and the effect of the learning development of students and teams. Teachers as Designers create excellent learning opportunities for all students by making the transition of teaching to activating the learning of individual students. They create a balance between cognition and emotion; know how to navigate between 'having to' and ' with pleasure' effectively make time for learning. Teachers as Designers know that if they really want their students to learning; they also have to be prepared tot listen to 'Students' Voice' and learn from it. One step further is mondi-grade learning; students wanting to learn, from intrinsic motivation and flow, to contribute to world around.


Students as Leading Learners get space, responsibility and ownership in organizing and planning the outcomes of their own learning-process. Leading Learners know what inspires and motivates them, what their dreams of the future are, and take the lead, supported by the partnership with teachers. Leading Learners are sensitive to developing metacognition. They are aware of how to learn best as a person and are able to develop self-confidence in an open learning culture in which their talent and power are the assumptions. From an intrinsic flow and as Triple Loop Learners they are motivated to constantly, collaboratively and creatively explore and solve complex issues together with peers, teachers and other partners. Students as Leading Learners are positive and flexibel, perseverant, apply knowledge, are able to think abstract and solve complex questions. They effectively apply ICT and have a Global Mindset, they intentionally contribute to mondigration (the pro-active stimulation of a positive, global, multicultural and tolerant world). They effectively communicate and collaborate, they are creative and critical thinkers; in short; they master the Deep Learning Skills! ‘Teachers are activators of the Students’ in a pro-active way to increase their chances for the future.

Professional Support


Turning Learning developed an Executive Course ‘Leading Future Learning’. This course focuses on the link between realizing (administrative) Strategic 21st Century Educational Aspirations and an actual implementation within your organization. Modules are targeted on a.) Changing the world by education, b.) Creating an Evidence Based Culture and New Measurement. c.) Focus on Innovation and Leverage Digital. The program has three settings; 1. in a Local setting for boardmembers, aldermen of education, the ministry of Education, Inspection and quality controlmembers of partnerships. 2. In an international English-speaking setting for board members and leaders of big educational organizations of different countries. 3. For principals, rectors and team leaders of primary, secondary and vocational education. The program is shaped by renowned national and international professors and guest lecturers.

Is your interest excited? We are happy to send you information on our Executive Course.

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Turning Learning (NPDL) Professional Support Team

Marlou van Beek MMC CMC
General Director Turning Learning
NPDL Cluster Leader the Netherlands
Marlou is CEO of Turning Learning and constantly in contact with partners, looking for opportunities, and making changes to create engaging educational institutes for all our students, leaders, teachers and parents. Marlou worked as a teacher, principal,, schoolboard managing partner. and currently as CEO of Turning Learning. She has given many International lectures Marlou graduated on a post graduate level at the Free University in Amsterdam She collaborates for many years with professor John West Burnham, professor Michael Fullan, and many other partners.
Prof. John West Burnham
Leadership Consultant Turning Learning
John West Burnham is Professor of Educational Leadership at St Mary’s University, London and is as Leadership Consultant commited to Turning Learning and the developing Leadership in Dutch organisations. He is a key advisor in the development of the Aquinas Centre for Learning Leadership and Innovation and in the School of Education’s doctoral degree development programme. His great professional generosity, his considerable experience and his irrefutable and world-renowned expertise in research and in teaching on education and leadership in education have already been felt at St Mary’s.
Baukje Bemener MsC
Research Consultant Turning Learning
NPDL New Measure Leader the Netherlands
Baukje is research Consultant of Turning Learning and an expert in the connection between theory and practice. She graduated from Maastricht University in Evidence Based Innovation in Teaching. Her practical experience as a teacher and the scientific background come as NL Measure Leader together.
Martinique Jacobse
Financial Assistant Turning Learning
Martinique Jacobse is an ambitious law- and economics student at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Besides his intense double studies he is the Financial Assistant for Turning Learning. With his eye for detail and his positive and optimistic attitude, he perfectly fits in the Turning Learning Team.

Global NPDL Leaders

Prof. dr. Michael Fullan
Global Leadership Director
Michael Fullan, OC is the former Dean of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Recognized as a worldwide authority on educational reform, he advises policymakers and local leaders around the world in helping to achieve the moral purpose of all children learning.
Fullan is a prolific, award-winning author whose best-selling books have been published in many languages. He bases his work on research and practice drawn from both the public and private sectors, finding an increasing convergence. From 2004-2013 Michael Fullan served as Special Adviser in Education to the Premier of Ontario. He received the Order of Canada in December 2012 and holds honorary doctorates from Duquesne University, Pennsylvania; University of Edinburgh, Scotland; Newman University College, University of Leicester; and Nipissing University in Canada.
Joanne Quinn
Global Capacity Building Director
Joanne leads the capacity building component of the global NPDL partnership including professional learning and digital resources. She consults internationally in the field of whole system change, capacity building, leadership and professional learning.
She has led the design of strategic whole system change projects at global, national and district levels in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean and United States. Joanne has provided leadership at all levels of the education system as; Superintendent; Principal; Implementation Advisor on education reform to the Ontario Ministry of Education; and Director of Continuing Education at the University of Toronto. Her extensive experience as a consultant, presenter, author and innovative leader combine with her passion for improving learning for all children and give her a unique perspective on influencing positive change.
Joanne McEachen
Global New Measures Director
Joanne is an internationally recognized educational leader, a New Zealander now based in Seattle, Washington, USA. Joanne has an outstanding history working at multiple levels in the education system – as a teacher, a school principal and as a Regional Manager (Superintendent).
In addition, she has led and managed countrywide education change initiatives as a national leader for the Ministry of Education in New Zealand and now in the USA, with her international consultancy, The Learner First. Drawing on her extensive expertise in creating change at every level of the K-12 system, Joanne has delivered numerous keynote addresses and professional learning experiences for educators internationally from USA, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Uruguay, Australia and New Zealand, on topics such as, Whole System Change, Educational Leadership, Authentic Mixed Method Assessment, and Leveraging Digital

Supporting Experts

Alberto Bernardi, Inssfil, Canada
Jonathan Bisschop, United Kingdom
Rebecca Key, Queenstown, New Zealand
Michael Patrige, Ottowa Canada
Sandy Owens, Ottawa, Canada


Are you ambitious and do you want to join our community, please contact us.


Turning Learning partners with several global, leading and pionering organizations from different countries, all contributing from their own expertise. These partners collaborate in realizing our goals by allocating knowledge, materials, financial and political support.